Concert Marimba

Concert Marimba

I'm back ordered on the Concert Marimba. The next available ship date is TBD.

The 4-Octave concert marimba has a solid oak frame and fiber resonator tubes that amplify each individual bar. The bars are made from padauk, a resonant African hardwood.

It forms a complete 4-octave chromatic scale with 49 bars and features 2″ bars and resonator tubes at the bass end, graduating up to 1- 3/8″ bars at the treble end. It also features folding legs and detachable resonator tubes, for ease in transporting and storage.

Low note is the C one octave below middle C.

I believe marimba mallets are a personal preference and I do not include mallets with the marimbas.

Dimensions: 30″w x 60″l x 34″h.

$ 999.00